Lost and Found in Aspen is Now Available

lost and found in aspenMy debut novel, Lost and Found in Aspen, is officially available for purchase. If you live in Aspen, or if you’re planning to visit anytime soon, signed copies of the book can be purchased at Explore Booksellers, as well as other local proprietors in town: Aspen Eclectic, Misstyx, Meridian Jewelers, Carl’s Pharmacy, and Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus.

It’s been an honor to see my novel around town, particularly at stores that don’t typically sell books. I feel blessed to live in a community where we support and root for one another.

For those who won’t be traveling to Aspen in the near future, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target are carrying the book online.


About Lori Gurtman
Lori Gurtman is an author living in Aspen, Colorado.

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