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a strand of gray hair

A Strand of Gray Hair

A Strand of Gray Hair It arrived out of nowhere One strand of gray hair Resembling a lone aspen tree Lost in a forest of evergreens I will never know How much time I have left Aging occurs without... [Read more]

lost and found in aspen available for preorder

An Excerpt from Lost and Found in Aspen

Lost and Found in Aspen. I am excited to share a glimpse into my debut novel, Lost and Found in Aspen. This is an excerpt from Chapter 19. Here’s the setup: After a night out on the town, dancing... [Read more]

releasing dave gogolaks ashes

Releasing Dave Gogolak’s Ashes: An Extraordinary Pilgrimage

Releasing Dave Gogolak’s Ashes. My friend Nicole tragically lost her husband, Dave, in an avalanche nine years ago. A piece of her heart died on January 13th, 2008. She was left alone with... [Read more]