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Follow The Money (A Poem)

“Follow the Money,” a poem by Lori Gurtman. Follow The Money Nonviolent offenders fill our prisons Monsanto grows food with GMO poison People are dying of opioid addiction Big banks... [Read more]

Why Aspen?

The beautiful mountains of Aspen, Colorado. A few years ago, when my friend Nicole and I came up with the storyline for Lost and Found in Aspen, we felt that our beautiful mountain town needed... [Read more]

A trip through 80s nostalgia.

The Spazmatics: The Music That Brought My Youth Back

A trip through 80s nostalgia. I recently came across an old letter I had written to my children a few years ago after a night out at Belly Up to see the Spazmatics. Here it is: Dear Kids, In... [Read more]