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I Really Want to Throw a Yogurt Drink at My Son’s Head

Throwing yogurt drinks. Lately, I’ve been having this dark fantasy: I want to pick up a Yoplait yogurt drink and chuck the half-filled, open bottle at my teenaged son, Judd’s, head and watch... [Read more]

What It Means to Be the Mother of a Teenage Athlete

The life of a sports mom. For the past couple of years, I’ve been the ultimate lacrosse mom, making round-trip drives to Denver for my sixteen-year-old son, Judd’s, hour-and-a-half practices,... [Read more]

A Cure for the Other Disease Plaguing America

The other disease plaguing America. Recently, someone in my community wrote a statement in the newspaper bashing those people who opposed his politics. When I first read what he had written,... [Read more]